Express Lane Basics & Costs

What are Express Lanes?

An Express Lane is essentially a carpool lane, version 2.0.  Soon, solo drivers will be able to pay a toll to access the carpool lane, using a FasTrak Flex transponder.  An option that’s especially valuable to solo drivers during weekday rush hour.

How is the Highway 680 Express Lane different that others Express Lane Projects?

Unlike some other implementations, the Highway 680 Express Lane will be in operation every weekday (5am-8pm) in both directions, from Alcosta Blvd. to Rutgear Rd.  This includes the mid-day, shoulder, and off-peak hours when I-680 has historically been free-flowing.

Additionally, one of four freeway lanes were removed to create the Express Lane.  Unlike on I-580 in Pleasanton where multiple lanes were added to create the Express Lane there.

How much is the toll?

Estimated toll: $3.30 to $8+, with no cap.

The Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) has a stated goal of charging a minimum of 30¢ per toll segment of Express Lane travel, although the final toll schedule has not been released.  With 11 miles of Express Lanes in each direction and no indication of how toll segments would be defined, the public can anticipate a minimum toll of $3.30 to travel the full length of the I-680 Express Lane, based on each toll segment being one mile long.  The actual tolls are set and adjusted at regular intervals, based on traffic conditions.

The $8+ higher toll estimate is based on the 74¢/mile toll charged on the similar 91 Express Lanes in Orange County.

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